What is Direct Selling MLM and its Past and scope in India?

What is Direct Selling and its Past?


Direct Selling MLM originally started by Marine Shipping and Insurance in the year 1830 in Mumbai for the insurance of fishing boats and financial security of fishers.

The idea of Marine Shipping was adopted by a nutritional and health care company in California, USA. Among the general public named Nutralite.

According to the Nutralite compensation plan, one has to recruit a minimum 25% new consumers in his team to withdraw the commission of 3% from their sales. Different from Direct marketing concept, every time a consumer re-purchases, recruit new customers to his sales team could generate income again and again like residual income.

The Idea clicked, and Nutrilite became a household name in the USA and now the biggest and highest selling nutritional brand in over 80 countries, traded only via Direct Selling route, is now a Fortune 500 Company in the world is known as AMWAY.

The route of Direct Selling adopted by big international names like Dell, IBM, Oriflame, Avon, Tupperware, Toyota, Herbalife, etc. and become fortune 500 companies of the world.

  1. Avon, $10.9 billion annual revenue, est. 1986
  2. Amway, $9.2 billion annual revenue, est. 1959
  3. Natura Cosmeticos SA, $3 billion annual revenue, est. 1969
  4. Vorwerk & Co. KG, $2.9 billion annual revenue, est. 1983
  5. Herbalife Ltd., $2.7 billion annual revenue, est. 1980
  6. Mary Kay Inc., $2.5 billion annual revenue, est. 1963
  7. Tupperware Brands Corp., $2.3 billion annual revenue, est. 1946
  8. Oriflame Cosmetics SA, $2.2 billion annual revenue, est. 1967
  9. Forever Living (FLP), $2 billion annual revenue, est. 1978
  10. Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., $1.5 billion annual revenue, est. 1984

Direct Selling MLM Business in India is relative to a new kind business but in very less time the companies involved in this segment substantially acquire a big market share chunk from traditional business companies and so many new business houses coming up in Direct Selling Multi-Level MLM Marketing in India.