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How to Select MLM Product?

MLM union Product

Yes, this is my expertise area in my word MLM Product should be Small, Unique, Easy to Explain, Useful, Profitable and the most important Easy to Deliver. If your product has limited profitability don’t market via MLM, if not easy to deliver don’t market via MLM and if your product is regulated via government don’t ever think of market that via MLM.

What Attracts Customer to Join MLM Company?

The most important is product which is going to be sold and the longevity of the product market because everyone joins MLM as a part time business but it’s a career for unemployed people who has no resource to set up their own business, the modal should be profitable for both the company and the customer. The more rewarding and simple is your system the more chance of becoming successful.

What are the disadvantages of MLM Multi Level Marketing Business?

We have talked mostly about MLM Multi Level Marketing Business advantages and benefits now we discuss some disadvantages of the system:

  1. Normally people understand MLM is Chain System or Fraud so people hate those companies who choose MLM Route.
  2. General perception is the price of MLM Products is more than their fair value as they distribute huge commissions to their distributors.
  3. Life of an MLM company is too short than a Traditional Company.
  4. Products are unique but MLM Companies Over Claim their product capabilities.
  5. Most of the companies fail to deliver committed payments on time.
  6. Lot of Countries like China, Russia and U.K. Banned MLM in their territory.
  7. Now these days some of fraudster starting their companies based on fixed income without having the knowledge of the exact system even they don’t know how much they are offering to a customer and what will be there liabilities in future. They start and shut down and run away with lot of police cases without any……..MONEY. Yes I am right ….Without any single Rupee, with lot of people and police chasing them to recover their Money. Don’t ever think that you will survive with this act without any problem. Run your business slow earn less profit but don’t try to experiment with fire you and your entire family will suffer it’s not just an advice its wise.

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