What kind of marketing plan we choose while starting a MLM Company?

This is very vital question the marketing system adoption while setup a MLM Company now first we understand what kind of Marketing System we have in MLM:


MLM Master MLM Software

The oldest and the most successful method of MLM Commission Distribution System which is being adopted by most of the consumable product selling mlm companies like Amway, Oriflame, Avon, Herbalife etc. in which company fix some target selling to achieve some fix percentage of commission. It’s an open width program in which a customer can open as many legs as he wants and achieve more and more percentage fix up by company till he achieve last level of promotion.


MLM Master MLM Software

The most successful and the only legal system in most of the European countries and adopted by Tupperware in which a customer organize a kitty party at home and call his/her friends and relatives in which he/she showcase the products and try to sell products to them and to turn into distributor of the company via Kitty party. In this modal company offer Discounts and Free Gifts to party organizer as well in party.


MLM Master MLM Software

The New age MLM System is being offered by an online computer education system selling American company Skybiz in year 2000 is now the best adopted modal for new age one time product and services selling companies, before Skybiz no one has ever thought that Internet and MLM the combination of both can the idea of this century to sell service through Internet via MLM Route. Skybiz was the fastest MLM Company in the world to sell more than 10 million Computer Education Packages online in just 8 months of the launch of the product and become multibillion dollar company in just 1 year with the use of Internet and Power of MLM. It started from United States and reached more than 180 countries and become worldwide phenomena in just 6 months of time. In this System a person can only open 2 legs and other people will spill over to those two people under them and has fix payment system on matching of the new product sold under his/her 2 legs.


MLM Master MLM Software

In 2001 one 3 mobile an Australian Telecom Giant offered a new marketing system in Australia now called Australian Binary in which a customer can open 3 legs and first two legs will give profit to his/her up line member and the third one will give profit to the sponsored member. In the initial period it shoot up like rocket and bust all previous records and added new people to MLM as this system offer more commissions to new member and lesser for the old ones but the earlier system were offering the reverse of the Australian Binary. This system was adopted by one product selling small MLM Companies to become competitive to earlier setup MLM Giants.


MLM Master MLM Software

In year 2005 few American companies started this System in USA this is get rich quick system where a person earn big commission over his/her team when he/she qualify or break a board of 8 -16-32 members generally he gets the commission of all the 8-16-32 members himself on their work.

In the whole of the this marketing system I prefer Binary System is the most compatible system for one time product selling companies as it is easy to understand and easy to explain and customer may earn commission at minimal effort.

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