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Prohibition of Pyramid Scheme & Money Circulation Scheme

1.   No person or entity shall promote a Pyramid Scheme, as defined in Clause1 (11) or enroll any person to such scheme or participate in such arrangement in any manner whatsoever in the grab of doing Direct Selling business.

2.   No person or entity will participate in Money Circulation Scheme, as defined in Clause 1 (12) in the grab of Direct Selling of Business Opportunities.

  • Mr. Arun Aggarwal
  • Legal Expert, Consultant, Software Analyst
  • Address: B-2/272,273 First Floor Sector-6 Rohini, New Delhi-110085 (India).
  • For further information on
  • Phone/Whatsapp/Viber/ Wechat : +91 9811190082
  • skype: arun.vistaneotech, QQI id: 973620192

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